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My 3 Favourite R’s to Help You Through the Chaos

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

I think we can agree that stress, overwhelm and burnout are very real things and that we can't always control what happens to us, but we can control how we want to feel about it.

Life as a realtor can get very hectic in between supporting my clients, house hunting, legal documents, lawyer and client communication, local researching, and the list goes on… so, if I let it, burnout could be waiting for me just around the corner.

Can you relate with your career/life too? If so, keep reading to learn how I keep my goals focused, and how I stay balanced and centered through all the busyness with my 3 favourite R’s: Reset, Refocus, and Re-Center.

Reset Your Goals:

As much as we can plan and make goals, life happens and therefore plans change. If your goals need a reset, here’s where you can start:

1. Re-read the goals you set last year, and determine which ones you're still able to pursue.

2. Looking at those goals, adjust them in a way that will work for your current reality and circumstances.

3. Looking at your current situation, determine what actions are working for you and which ones are not.

4. Write down small steps that you can do that will lead you towards your goals. Include key players and any schedule changes you might need to make as well.

5. Carry out your plan by making changes to your habits that will help you march toward your new goals one step at a time!

Refocus Your Routine:

Making small attainable and healthy shifts in your routine will definitely help you make the most out of your day! Try these daily routine tips below:

1. Get moving by walking, jogging, dancing, or anything that you enjoy to help shake (or sweat) off any feelings of negativity, low energy, stress, or overwhelm. I always go for a morning walk even if it is super cold in winter. It really helps center me.

2. Add some intentional media into your day, like a positive podcast or book that can help keep you on a productive track. I love reading books about gratitude and inner peace.

3. Prioritizing your personal and nutritional health is guaranteed to help you feel physically and mentally stronger.

4. Do you have a friend who also wants to kick some old habits or restart their routine? They could be your new accountability partner, connect with them and take the reset together.

Recenter with Self-Care

In all times, but especially in tough times, you need to get your own well-being into shape first before you're able to truly help others. Because when you take some time for self-care, you will have more energy to be able to support those around you. Try these activities to add self-care to your schedule:

1. Journal: Writing down your thoughts and experiences helps you process and unload in times of stress. You can also keep it digital with journaling apps like Penzu, Day One or Momento (iOS only).

2. Daily self check-ins: Take a few moments each morning to assess how you're feeling that day. Notice any feelings of anxiety or anger about the day before or the day ahead, and be honest about those emotions throughout your day - this will make for more pleasant interactions with those around you.

3. Take a personal day: Whether you’re working on-site somewhere or remotely from home, take a break and spend a day doing an activity with your family, or taking a walk outside, or reading your favourite book... Whatever you do, make sure it leaves you feeling recharged and re-energized.

4. Sleep: This is one of the most neglected self-care activities! Start a bedtime routine that calms you down, so you're ready to sleep as soon as your head hits the pillow. According to the National Sleep Foundation, you should aim for at least 7 to 9 hours per night.

I’m wondering, now that you’ve read through my 3 favourite R’s, do you feel any different already? Sometimes just knowing that there is a way to help, helps! I hope you enjoy resetting your goals, refocusing your routines, and recentering yourself with these self-care tips. I know that you’re going to feel so much better, and as new stressful times arise, you’ll feel better equipped to handle the ride.

Any questions? I would love to answer them for you!

Give me a call! 1-905-229-9500 Elsie Jungas REALTOR #self-care #goals #dunnvillerealestate


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