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The 7 Best Summer Travel Hacks Everyone Needs to Know

Are you planning on travelling this summer? Whether you’re flying out or headed on your next road trip, these travel hacks will save you money, time AND make things way smoother for your next adventure. Not sure whether to fly or drive? Take the quiz at the end to find out!


1. Mix and match your flight tickets

Sometimes flying with two different airlines or booking two one-way tickets is cheaper than booking one round-trip ticket on the same airline.

2. Check your seat

Websites like have colour-coded seat maps so you can identify the best seat for your flight needs.

3. When in doubt, go left

When deciding whether to go right or left in the airport security line, go left – those lines tend to

be shorter!

4. Pack your bags like a pro

Don’t fold your clothes- ROLL! Tightly rolled clothes take up less space and are way less likely to get wrinkled.

5. Wrap your shoes

Put your shoes in plastic bags to prevent dirt from getting on your clothes.

6. Pack heavy items at the bottom

Help your bag stay upright by packing heavier items on the bottom of your suitcase.

7. Keep clothes smelling fresh

Hide a dryer sheet in your suitcase so your clothes stay fresh.


How many people are coming along?

A. Just me or one other person.

B. Three or more people.

Are you travelling with young children?

A. No.

B. Yes.

How much vacation time do you have?

A. One week or less.

B. Two weeks or more.

How’s the public transportation situation at your destination?

A. Public transportation is easily accessible where I’m going.

B. I’ll need a car to get from place to place on my itinerary.

Pick your favourite quote:

A. “Take flight. You are meant to soar.”

B. “It’s not the destination. It’s the journey.”

Answered Mostly A’s:

Your prize is in the skies! Travelling by plane is likely your most cost-efficient and convenient option. Use the “Breeze through security” mobile app for airport security line predictions and carry-on rules and if your airline has an app, download it and use it to check-in.

Answered Mostly B’s:

Get ready to hit the highway! I’d recommend ensuring that your vehicle can handle a lengthy drive by checking its tires, fluids and oil, and be sure to get plenty of sleep before the trip. You can also visit to calculate fuel costs.

Now that you know these awesome travel hacks, your next adventure will surely be more affordable, smooth-sailing and less time-consuming so that you can spend more time enjoying your holiday!

Do you think I’ve missed a top travel hack? Let me know, I’ll add it in!


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