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7 Ways to Know You’ve Hired the Right Real Estate Representative

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

After 28 years of being a licensed realtor, I know how important having a good relationship with your agent is when it comes to buying or selling your home. Here are the TOP 7 ways to know if you’ve hired the right real estate representative for you.

1. Your conversations together don’t feel rushed, they contain a lot of detail and are more meaningful.

2. Your questions should be answered with honesty. If your agent doesn’t know the answer, they should be willing to admit that and then go and find the answer for you.

3. You feel comfortable calling them and they will respond quickly. RED FLAG: if they are never available or always rushing a call and saying they will call you right back.

4. A good agent listens. Every client has their specific needs and wants, a bad agent will take you to a property that is not what you actually want.

5. A good agent is thorough. They will go the extra mile to research during their CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) or before listing a home.

6. A good agent will offer good advice based on facts, but let you make all the decisions. RED FLAG: if you feel like your agent is taking on too much decision-making authority- fire them.

7. A good agent will list your home and get action on your listing- and if not, make the adjustments needed in order to find a buyer. There should always be a plan A, B, and C.

Ultimately, when it comes to the connection you have with your agent or representative, you need to feel comfortable, confident, and secure with your choices.

If you’re looking for an agent that checks all these boxes, contact me. I'd love to have an open conversation about what I can support you with when it comes to real estate. Contact me: 1-905-229-9500.

Elsie Jungas REALTOR®


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