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How to Properly Place Wall Decor

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

When staging a home or decorating a new one, you may want to consider hanging up your wall decor in a proper way so that you don’t risk damaging your walls. Too many times have I gone into homes and have seen improperly hung wall decor and unnecessary damage!

Ok, so I guess you could say this is a pet peeve of mine… seeing improperly hung art or photographs in a home. So today I’m going to teach you a few tips to protect your walls and save you from a big fixer-upper.


Hanging wall décor isn’t as hard as it looks when you have the right tools. Your tools will change depending on what you’re hanging, and where you’re hanging it.

Tools You May Need:

- Stud-finder

- Hammer

- Level

- Ruler

- Nails/anchors

- Picture hooks

- Pencil

- Screwdriver

TIP: Consider purchasing a picture hanging kit. These contain everything you need, including gadgets that help you mark your attachment points with no measurement required.

Hanging a Mirror or Heavy-Framed Picture

1. To hang heavier objects, you’ll need picture hooks and nails that support the weight of the item.

2. Locate the stud using a stud finder. This is where the attachment will be the strongest.

3. Hold the object up to the wall and use a pencil to mark points of attachment. Have a friend help you with heavier objects!

4. Use a level to ensure markings are even. Erase any stray marks that are not being used.

5. Attach small picture hooks on your markings using a nail or screw.

Note: Hollow wall locations will use a different type of anchor.

6. Hang your picture or mirror on the hooks.

Hanging Plants or Lights From the Ceiling

1. To hang objects from the ceiling, you’ll need a swag hook with either a toggle bolt or threaded screw.

2. Identify where you’d like to hang the object.

Note: It’s easiest to use a toggle bolt.

3. Use a screwdriver to poke a small hole in the location.

4. Place your bolt into the swag hook. The toggle bolt should be attached already.

5. Push the toggle bolt into the ceiling hole. The wings will expand.

6. Pull the hook down, then turn it to tighten so the hook touches the ceiling.

For When the Pictures Come Down

Use drywall repair putty to plug up holes and make your walls look like new. Add a fresh coat of paint to the spot.

Now you know how to hang up your wall decor in the best way that reduces the amount of risk of damaging your walls. And for me, I will rest easy now knowing that there are more properly hung pieces of wall decor out there in the world! Thank you!

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