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Market predictions for 2022

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

Curious about the Canadian Real Estate market predictions for 2022? Me too! Whether you want to buy, sell, or are just keeping your eyes open, here’s a look into what’s happening in the market right now and what to keep a close eye on over the next upcoming months for 2022.

More Modest Home Price Gains

Prospective homebuyers may still enjoy the slightly favourable conditions. Inventory of homes will likely remain tight, but prices— although still expected to rise — will be more tempered.

Still a Great Market for Sellers

While there has been a slight increase in new listings, it is still looking like 2022 will still be a sellers’ market. More balanced conditions have recently emerged in some prairie markets, including Regina, Saskatoon and Edmonton.

Increased Desire for Separation (and no I'm not talking about divorce)

As people spent more time working at home, the desire for a dedicated workspace grew. More homeowners appreciate the benefits of closed-off, distraction-proof floorplans which may lead to a redesigning of open concept homes.

Urbanization Trend Poised to Slow Down

If remote work continues to become a permanent option, some homeowners, especially those having to work in small spaces, might decide to look outside the city for more square footage and green space.

Did any of these market predictions surprise you? If you’re considering buying or selling this year, knowing these market predictions will definitely help you find the perfect buyer, or help you find your perfect home.

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