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Top 5 Design Tips to Transform Any Room

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

Is your home feeling a bit too “the same” lately? Maybe it’s time for a decorative refresh! Try these 5 cost-effective and easy-to-implement design tips to totally transform any room!

Tip 1: Bring In Some Green!

Plants offer new life and energy to empty corners and shelves in your space, while naturally improving air quality. If you want to keep it easy, succulents, snake plants and Heartleaf Philodendrons can all thrive indoors with very little maintenance.

Support: No green thumb? No problem. Fake fiddle-leaf fig trees are a popular solution for filling larger spaces, or find smaller potted plants to fit nicely on desks, end tables and wall shelves.

Tip 2: Accent Pieces

Place some different accent pieces around like candles, vases or bowls on coffee tables, nightstands, or dresser tops to add a fresh new element to your space.

Support: Give your accents more depth by using different sizes and shapes in your display. For example, try pairing a tall plant next to a small bowl or vase.

Tip 3: Evaluate Artwork

The right wall décor can really tie together separate elements of a room’s design, and can also give the illusion of more space. Take a look at your wall sections and what accents you’d like to tie in from the room, and then look for artwork that will complement.

Support: Can’t pick just one favourite piece? Combine framed artwork, prints and personal photos to create a fun gallery wall. Try out different frames to mix it up!

Tip 4: Mirror, Mirror

If you want to upgrade your space without a full renovation, try hanging a mirror — it will help any room feel more open and spacious.

Support: Brighten up your space by positioning a mirror across from or close to a window so that it can bounce and reflect natural light throughout your space.

Tip 5: Light It Up!

Take note of the lighting in your home, and what lighting you prefer to have throughout the day. Typically, warm light is best for winding down in the evenings, while cool, bright light keeps you energized during the day. After you identify your lighting preferences go get the bulbs to match.

Support: Place multiple light sources evenly around the room to help it feel more inviting, especially if natural light is scarce.

From succulents to lightbulbs, now you know how to easily transform and refresh any room in your home with these 5 easy design tips.

Got an easy design tip to add to this list? Let me know! Reach out to or give me a call: 1-905-229-9500


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