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20 Things to do BEFORE Showing Your Home

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

Showing a home and getting Top Dollar isn’t always about paying for expensive home staging. Sometimes it’s the little things that make a big difference, which can be way more important in selling your home for a great price!

Here are 20 things you need to do before showing your home:

1. Keep your navigational space looking clean and clear by decluttering your hallways, doors ways, and entryways.

2. Take all family photos off the walls, tables, and dressers so potential buyers can more easily envision their lives there.

3. One of the biggest things in your kitchen is the fridge, of course! So it is a good idea to take down any art or pictures for a clean/new look.

4. Take some time to re-organize your closets, because you know they are going to open those doors!

5. Activate their sense of smell by baking some cookies, or if you are not a baker just boil a cinnamon stick- it smells like fresh apple pie!

6. Buyers want to see counter space, so take everything off of your counters, clean around your appliances, and put all dishes away to make it look more spacious.

7. Take down any baby gates or dog gates- you want potential buyers to be able to walk freely around your home.

8. To add to the point above, remove any unnecessary furniture that could block any walkways.

9. Vacuum. Seems obvious, but because it makes such a difference in the cleanliness of the home, it’s important to note it on this list.

10. Natural lighting also makes a huge difference in how potential buyers feel in your home, so wash your windows and open up all the draperies or blinds and let the sunshine in!

11. Dust everything. Literally everything. You may even find things to dust that you didn’t even know you needed to dust until you opened your drapes!

12. Remove pets, when you can. Pets in the house when showing your home isn’t the best idea. It can make people uncomfortable, some people have allergies, and depending on the animal, there can be unpleasant aromas.

13. Even if it’s not full yet, take out the garbage and recycling.

14. Bedroom must-do’s: make all beds!

15. Clear the driveway by parking your vehicle(s) on the street instead.

16. Leave all the lights on, even during the day. Indoor and outdoor. 17. Put the toilet seats down. Seriously. This may seem like a small thing but it does wonders for the look of your bathroom.

18. Consider the temperature and ambiance: in the winter have the fireplace on, summertime put the AC on. You want potential buyers to feel comfortable.

19. Hide the dirty laundry. Literally. Basket it, or even better, put it all in your car that’s parked on the street, because you know they’ll find it in your closet!

20. Hire an agent, an experienced agent, that will work with you to sell your home with ease.

So what do you think about this list? Would you do these 20 things before showing your home? If you said yes, you’re exactly the kind of client I love working with!

I want to help you get the highest price for your home, and I have the experience to do it. Email me at or Phone 1-905-229-9500.


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