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5 Ways to Add More Gratitude to Your Day

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

I believe a life without gratitude is missing something- something important, something warm, something that feels…complete. This is because gratitude is good for your health!

Recent studies show that consistent gratitude practices can help strengthen your immune system and mental health, help control stress levels, and enhance your all-around lifestyle. So if you’re wondering how to bring more gratitude into your life, keep reading for my 5 fav ways for more daily gratitude.

1. Handwritten Notes

Remember the excitement you felt when you got a personal letter in the mail? They are so impactful because there is so much power in a handwritten note! Try sending notes to your loved ones to thank them and acknowledge why they are special to you. Showing your gratitude for others makes you feel grateful too.

2. Gifting Your Time

Sometimes, the best way to show gratitude for others is by sharing your time with them for a chat on the phone, a walk, or any activity that shows you care about them and your relationship. Time is free but holds so much value- and you both will feel it!

3. Journal Your Joys

Writing down what you’re grateful for every day in a journal is a great way to bring gratitude into your life. Start by thinking about your favorite places, the successes in your life, things you enjoy, what you're looking forward to, and your loved ones, and go from there. Even the smallest of things, like waking up today, can bring you gratitude.

4. Coffee On You

A great way to say "thanks" when you can't get face-to-face is to send your friend or family member a digital gift card to their favorite coffee shop, along with a note saying why you value them. It’s a small gesture that they’ll love, and in turn, will bring you much gratitude and joy.

5. Gratitude Jar

I love a good Gratitude Jar! Have your friends or family members write what they're grateful for about each other, and drop it into a jar. Then you can read them together over a family dinner! This one can be done in person or online as well. If online, have all participants email you with their gratitude messages, then pick a day to read them out over a video call with the group!

Which one are you going to try first? Even if you only try 1 of the 5 above, you will definitely feel an increase in your daily gratitude, which will positively impact your health and wellness- and who doesn’t need a bit more of that?

I am so grateful for YOU, thanks for reading! You can also follow me on Instagram, it’s my favourite @elsie.jungas

Elsie Jungas, REALTOR


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