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My Favourite Ways to Show Gratitude in 2022

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

I love GRATITUDE! And I love showing my clients how grateful I am that they trusted me to help them find their new home, or sell their past one.

My career has been FULL of gratitude, which has made my life so much better! Are you looking for easy ways to show gratitude this year? Here are some of my favourite ways to show gratitude in 2022:

Write Letters

I love writing letters/notes every week to those that I want to share gratitude with, in my career and in life. I even set calendar reminders and block time out to write them! Sometimes I will also mail the letters out to keep them more personal and special (I still love getting mail, you too?)

My Tips for writing amazing notes: - Close your eyes and visualize the person

- Describe their value in your life

- Consider their personal experience and what's going on for them

- Ask yourself “how can I make this person's day?” - Keep it short and sweet

Send Gifts

Saying thanks to clients, friends, and family members for being in my life is very easy to do with small, thoughtful gifts.

I’ve recently sent things like: - Digital gift cards for coffee

- Pie for holidays

- Pizza delivery

- Fresh baked cookies

My Tip for sending gifts in the mail:

I always like to give the recipients a heads up that something is coming their way so that it doesn’t get left on the front porch for too long, especially if it’s edible.

Make Time for People I think a big overlooked part of sharing gratitude with someone is simply saving time and space for them. Reconnecting can mean more than any note or gift.

Here are some ways I do this: - Set up phone meetings to call past clients and talk about life in their new homes

- Join a small book club with friends and block time out to talk about the book you read and your thoughts and feelings about it

- Plan a trip, it can be local or an overnight thing, but getting out and seeing new things with a friend can help you reconnect

- Watch a favourite show together or facetime during the show! Or watch it, and agree to call each other right after to discuss it over tea!

- Recipe Swap: for friends, clients, or family who like to cook, set up a recipe swap, or start a Facebook group to share recipes together and talk about what you’ve been cooking

So, what do you think about incorporating more gratitude into your life?

Gratitude can be very easy, and make such a huge impact in your life. The great thing about gratitude, is the more you give, the more you get. Try starting with friends and family, and then your clients. Wherever you start, someone will be grateful for it, and you will too!

Thanks for reading, I am very grateful for you!

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