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The Best Tips to Increase Curb Appeal

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

It’s no secret that if your home looks great on the outside, more people will want to see what’s on the inside- which also means you’ll get more viewings.

So here are my best, simple and most cost-effective curb appeal tips that will not only help make your home stand out, but also increase its purchasing value.

Tip 1: Deep Cleaning

If you don't already own one, rent a pressure washer to brighten up your home's exterior. If you have a deck, use a deck brush and cleaning solution to scrub away dirt. Get ri

d of any debris around the yard and wipe down any outdoor furniture. Clean up the cobwebs by sweeping your porch or patio, don’t forget those light fixtures!

Tip 2: Front Door Makeover

Freshen up your front door by painting it a new shade, or just touch it up with a fresh coat

. Also, consider upgrading your doorknob to keyless entry, or looking into a Ring video doorbell for an added security option.

Tip 3: Update Porch Decor

Depending on your space, dress up your front porch with outdoor furniture, potted plants and other decor for the season. Consider adding a rocking chair, flag, doormat or porch swing- but avoid making it too cluttered. But, if you do have the space, consider also adding a fire pit or a few lounge chairs for a relaxing and inviting feel.

Tip 4: The Gardens

Depending on the season, I would recommend weeding the gardens, and adding new mulch and plants/flowers- an obvious curb appeal solution, but worth mentioning for


Tip 5: Garage Door Refresh

Just like your front door, consider freshening up your garage door with a paint job too. You can also easily craft faux garage door windows by following tutorials on YouTube, and purchase easy DIY add-ons like magnetic handles from your local home improvement store. These affordable options will make your garage door look new, with minimal handy work.

Tip 6: Light It Up

I think you’ll agree that the right lighting can transform any space, that’s why I recommend adding or installing small porch lamps or outdoor string lights that match your home style. You can also swap out older bulbs in existing fixtures for brighter, longer-lastin

g LED bulbs. You may also consider motion sensor lights for added security as well as lights to illuminate your driveway or walkway.

At the end of the day- think about the bigger picture and go for improvements that will stay with the house, like adding a white picket fence in the yard, a swing on the porch or even keyless entry. Updates like these become assets to the home, and combined with my top curb appeal tips, the value of your home and your viewing potential will surely increase.

If you want a second opinion on your home’s first impressions or further tips to help your house sell- contact me for a free home evaluation! Phone 1-905-229-9500

Elsie Jungas REALTOR #curbappeal


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