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Quick Tips for Rearranging Furniture

Sometimes you need a fresh new layout to jazz up your home, or to make your space work better for you. If you’ve been thinking about moving around some furniture in rooms like your bedroom, living room or office, follow these steps to easily rearrange any space.

Tip 1: Go in With a Vision

Take a good look at your space and decide what you want to accomplish with the layout ie, space for a desk, kid’s play area, functionality, etc.). You can find inspiration on Pinterest, Houzz or other home design sites to help get the creative juices flowing.

Tip 2: Measure Your Space

Accurate measurements of the room and furniture will save you so much time by streamlining the process, so you don’t have to guess and then check/re-check.

Tip 3: Draw it Out

Creating a scale drawing will help you see your space fully, allowing you to see how things will fit before you do any of the moving. Grab some graph paper and measure one inch to equal one foot. TIP: Consider typical traffic patterns and leave enough space to access closets, outlets and doors.

Tip 4: Use an App

Design apps can create a digital mockup of your new arrangement allowing you to see it digitally before making any changes. This will save you a lot of time and energy, plus it may even help you with ideas and examples.

Here are a few to try: MagicPlan (iOS, Android), Hutch (iOS, Android), and Décor Matters (iOS Only).

I hope these quick tips will help you plan, design and create your vision for your space with ease and flow. If you’re looking to hang some new wall decor too, read my blog: How to Properly Place Wall Decor so that you can hang properly without risking any damage to your walls. Too many times have I gone into homes and have seen improperly hung wall decor that caused unnecessary damage- it’s worth the read!


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